We also give the following servises:

One day Knife making course 

Custom Handmade Knives

Knife sharpening

Scissor Sharpening


About Us

I am the new kid on the block.

My name is Sarel Venter and I have been making knives for the last 4 years. Still in my baby shoes. My passion is knives making. I like to  create, bend, cut and forge a peace of metal in to a shape and call it a knife.

I have been doing festival's for the last year to get my Name (SarelVenterCustomKnives) out in the Public eye.

Have been traveling thru our country some small town and some big city's, and enjoy ever moment of it.

I have been interview by our local TV stations on these Shows and will load the video's. 


  Contact :

Cell: +27 73 228 5556     
Cell: +27 82 853 0534 
Email: scjv@absamail.co.za

Web: www.sarelventercustomknives.  co.za

Fbook: www.facebook.com/ sarelventer-1              

Twitter: @SarelVenter77



PO: PosBox 30196, Wonderboom Poort, 0033, Gauteng, South Africa